WOODBURY - Homeowners who had their houses raised following Sandy's devastation face fees from National Grid to have their gas lines reconnected.

National Grid initially waived the reconnection fee for Sandy victims, but the utility reinstated the charge this summer.

According to Newsday, National Grid has resumed its fee of $700 to disconnect and $700 to reconnect gas lines, depending on how much extra gas line must be added.

State Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky has asked the utility to resume waiving the fees.

"I don't feel bad for National Grid," says Kaminsky. "People are writing checks to them every week. They're not going to be hurting. People who are hurting are the Sandy victims down here."

National Grid says it's still waiving the fee for customers who haven't been able to return home. In a statement, National Grid says, "Any customer requiring the relocation of gas facilities should contact National Grid to discuss the work required and any associated charges. We will review each situation on a case-by-case basis to see how we can help customers."