WEST BABYLON - A severe mold problem is causing health problems for Sandy victims in their temporary home.

Lauren Norinder says she, her husband and their two children moved to a West Babylon apartment after their home was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. A testing company hired by Norinder says it found dangerously high mold levels in the apartment. But the family's landlord, Harbour Club LLC, says its own tests found some mold, but nowhere near the amount that Nordiner's inspector found. The company says the mold may have come from belongings that the family brought from their flooded home.

The Harbour Club in West Babylon has more than 300 units. Other neighbors have also come forward to complain about mold problems.

The Suffolk Health Department and Town of Babylon have inspected the property. Officials say the complaint will now be referred to the state Health Department, which plans to conduct its own investigation in a few weeks.