OCEANSIDE - The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) has agreed to a two-year payment plan for the Oceanside family that was charged more than $4,500 for months of rebuilding their Sandy-damaged home.

In a statement sent to News 12, LIPA says it was able to work with the Fasulo family and reach an agreement that was amicable to both sides.

The Fasulo family says their home flooded with 36 inches of water during the storm, and they've spent the past six months repairing their home. The family enrolled in the FEMA STEP program, which allows residents to reside in their homes as repairs are done. FEMA installed electric baseboard heat to warm the house and, as a result, LIPA charged the Fasulos $4,361.89.

Previously, LIPA said it would shut the family's electricity off if half of the bill wasn't paid by the end of the month.