BAY PARK - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that more than $800 million will be used toward widespread Sandy recovery on Long Island.

Of that total, $455 million will be spent on modernizing and strengthening the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, which has been running on generators since it was flooded by the storm last October.

In addition, $50 million will be allocated toward a power management system, $47 million will be used to harden infrastructure on local bridges and $20 million will be utilized to create a pair of microgrids. The grids, one of which will be placed in each county, will allow communities to run in case the main power system goes out.

Cuomo says $242 million will be dedicated to helping repair and improve the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Babylon.

Residents say they're looking forward to the financial aid, but will remain skeptical as they await actual changes.