SEAFORD - A disabled Seaford woman displaced by Hurricane Sandy tells News 12 Long Island that she feels forgotten by FEMA.

Wendy Wagner, who has a spinal injury, has been living in a hotel since Sandy destroyed her Seaford home. The hotel room is provided by FEMA’s Temporary Housing Assistance Program, but every two weeks, she must face the possibility of having her assistance cut off. In addition to losing her home and belongings, Wagner lost thousands of dollars in medical equipment. She says she’s only received $30,000 from FEMA, leaving her with little hope of rebuilding a home catering to her needs.

“They should have given me enough money that I could move back into my adaptive house,” says Wagner. “I can’t live in a place that is not adaptive."

FEMA maintains that it remains devoted to helping the victims of Sandy. The agency cites that only 150 families remain in temporary housing, out of 22,000 residents displaced by the storm.

“We still have a very dedicated staff working with those applicants,” says Danielle Hill, of FEMA. “The program is working very hard to try and get them to transition out of that process.”

The statement doesn’t provide much consolation to victims like Wagner, however.

“FEMA can say all they want, but FEMA is a system that is failing people,” says Wagner.