WOODBURY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo is heading to Washington today to push the feds for critical cash needed for post-Sandy recovery.

Cuomo told Long Islanders from the beginning that he was going to try and get the most money he could after the damage Sandy caused. 

Cuomo will meet with top officials in Washington to lobby for $42 billion of federal funds to help the state recover.

Sandy seriously damaged 300,000 homes in New York alone. 

Cuomo is asking for more than $32 billion for repairs and $9 billion for preventive measures to better protect our area from another storm.

Cuomo is scheduled to meet with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. 

If the funds are given to New York, Nassau County would get $6.6 billion. Suffolk would get $1.8 billion. 

Sen. Charles Schumer is also planning an intense lobbying effort to get New Yorkers the help they need.

Schumer expects New York will get those tens of billions of dollars in federal aid, but he says it is not a done deal.

Schumer acknowledged that the approaching fiscal cliff "makes the job harder" but said he's hopeful.