FREEPORT - Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new home raising program available for Long Island residents recovering from Superstorm Sandy.

Cuomo was in Freeport when he announced the optional elevation program.

He says the state government will fund the elevation of a home if it is located in a flood area or if it is designated to qualify by FEMA. About 6,500 homes are eligible for the program.

Home elevation can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $160,000.

Jon Kaiman, of NY Rising, says homeowners will get 50 percent of their funds up front and then 50 percent when the elevation is completed.

Some Long Island residents who are still waiting for their NY Rising checks say the elevation program will only prolong them from getting their money.

“Every time they change the rules, it's another delay,” said Alice Hudson, of Babylon. “It adds another level of confusion.”