MASTIC BEACH - Two state lawmakers from Long Island are pushing a new bill that aims to help end the frustrating waiting game for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The measure would require monthly updates from the state's New York Rising agency to lawmakers on efforts to get families back into their homes. State Sen. Tom Croci and Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky are pushing the bipartisan bill.

With just a few weeks left on the legislative calendar in Albany, the lawmakers say they have their work cut out for them, but they add that there's a good possibility it could get enough support to pass.

The news marks a step in the right direction for people like Christopher Anderson, of Mastic Beach. His home was destroyed by more than 3 feet of floodwaters, and will need to be torn down. He says the process has been held up by New York Rising red tape.

New York Rising released a statement about the proposed bill, saying that it "adheres to rigorous federal and legal guidelines and oversight," and that it publishes progress in mandated reports on its website.

However, some legislators say that's not enough, and they will continue to push for monthly reports.