BALDWIN - Baldwin residents say they are planning to sue because of raw sewage that flooded their homes during Sandy.

Damage to the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant sent a river of waste into Baldwin homes on Barnes Avenue.

Dozens of residents have filed plans to sue Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead. The residents tell News 12 Long Island that they had complained to officials about problems with the sewage system for more than a decade.

The residents are blaming poor design and maintenance at the treatment plant.

However, Nassau County says it's not responsible because the flooding was "an act of God," and Hempstead says it has nothing to do with the sewage system.

A spokesman for the town said in a statement, "The Nassau County Sanitary Sewer System is owned, operated and maintained by Nassau County, not the Town of Hempstead. Any claims against the town related to sanitary sewer system failures... are without merit."