ROCKVILLE CENTRE - Pilates has been around for a while now, but there is one fitness studio in in Rockville Centre that kicks those classes up a notch.

Pilates Absession involves all core-based exercises, says instructor Denise Ferrante. “It’s about lengthening the muscles while strengthening them at the same time.”

During a class, participants use a reformer to really focus on and work the ab muscles. But the workout isn’t all about the abs, standing side splits work the inner thighs, while the high intensity portion is called TRX, which focuses on the arms and upper body strength.

“There are no springs, no weights [with TRX],” says Ferrante. “It’s all based on your own weight.”

And when participants get to the bar workout, it’s all about the glutes and hamstrings.

Some say the classes are intense, but the results are priceless.

The studio for Pilates Absession is located in the Sportset Health and Fitness Club.