RONKONKOMA - If you are looking for a different kind of workout, head to Primal Strength New York in Ronkonkoma. The unique fitness program gets adults acting like kids again to get in shape and get their muscles and joints working again.

“Our culture has lost movement. This is a system that gets you back to enjoying movement,” says Primal Strength owner Tristan Phillips. “You’re adding in crawling, rocking, rolling; all these things that these primitive patterns the human species began doing as a baby.”

Some compare the primal move method similar to yoga with a twist. Participants might find themselves crawling on the floor or playing games that not only work their body, but their minds. Some who take the classes say they are not only getting in shape but trying to strengthen weakened body parts.

Primal Strength New York is the only studio on Long Island that specializes in the primal move method.