SAGAPONACK - As we gear up for Labor Day weekend barbecues, News 12 Long Island caught up with a celebrity chef. 

Amagansett resident and restaurateur Bobby Flay spoke with Elisa DiStefano in this week's Hot in the Hamptons. 

Flay has been busy shooting his TV shows and working in his new NYC restaurant. He says that when people ask him what he does to relax, they are always surprised by his answer - he likes to cook.

He says that if you're cooking for a lot of people this Labor Day weekend, paella is a good way to go. 

"Paella originated on the grill. The thing I love about paella is that it really is a one pot dish. So you can serve a lot of people just by cooking one single thing," he says.

Flay's newest NYC restaurant is called Gato. He also has Bobby's Burger Palace at the Roosevelt Field and Smith Haven malls.