MASSAPEQUA - There are many stories of Native American history on Long Island. This week’s Hidden Past brings us to an Indian fort in Massapequa with some buried artifacts.

Uncovered in the 1930s, Fort Massapeag was the only Indian fort ever found on western Long Island. It was used in the mid-1600s during clashes between Native Americans and Europeans. Some archaeologists say developers destroyed burial grounds when they built homes over the land in Massapequa.

And underneath Lake Massapequa, a cache of jasper blades was discovered in the 1960s. “They were putting in a drainage pipe for Massapequa Lake,” says Kathryne Natale, of Garvies Point Museum. “And they found this cache and storage pit of these blades.”

They blades are on display at the museum in Glen Cove as part of its Native American exhibit.