BAY SHORE - In spring of 1790, our nation’s first President George Washington toured the Island with a mission – and one of his overnight stops was the Sagtikos Manor in Bay Shore.

Washington made several stops on Long Island, including Amityville, but it was Bay Shore where he laid his head after thanking his Revolutionary War spies, says historian Sarah Fay Meurer. According to Meurer, Washington came to the manor at 8 p.m. on April 21.

Isaac Thompson was the squire at the time, and Meurer says it’s believed that Thompson provided information to Washington and his American Spy Ring because during the Revolutionary War the British had quartered at Sagtikos Manor.

Meurer says that Washington did pay for the room for the night and that he wrote about it in his diary. “Most people say that George Washington slept in their house; we know for a fact that George Washington slept in our house,” she says.