WOODBURY - Still need more ideas to get your gadget-loving special someone? News 12’s Andrew Ehinger has three more tech toys that are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

Coming in at number four is Republic Wireless’ Moto X smartphone. But that’s not all that’s awesome about Republic Wireless – it offers a no contract unlimited phone, text and data plan for between $40 to $5 a month! Republic says the prices are lower due to hybrid calling. Republic phones connect to Wi-Fi wheneverpossible to route calls, text and data. When there's no Wi-Fi around - it switches seamlessly to Sprint's 3G or 4G cell service. The Moto X costs $299 plus a service plan.

At number three is something for your furry friend – because they need some high-tech love too. The Whistle is a tiny tracker that attaches to a dog collar that tracks their activity so you can monitor their healthy lifestyle. The information can even be sent electronically to your vet! The whistle runs $100.

Lastly, for the Apple or tablet lover, the iPad Air is number two. The thinner, lighter iPad has a 9.7-inch screen with a higher resolution retina display. It is powered by Apple’s A7 processor. It starts at $499.