MELVILLE - With the warmer weather upon us, many may be anxious to get their lawns in pristine condition after the long, hard winter. News 12’s Danielle Campbell met up with some lawn care experts for advice on how to get a green lawn while keeping your drinking water clean.

John Hall, of Save Great South Bay, says people need to be conscious of what they are putting on their lawns. Marshall Brown, of Save Great South Bay, adds that everything we put on our lawns to get them green eventually pollutes the ground water.

Both say the most important tip is to use an organic slow release fertilizer. They say it will help your lawn and protect drinking water. In addition, people should only fertilize their lawns three times a year. Memorial Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day are good reminders and a good time frame, says George Thompson, of Hicks Nursery.

Keeping grass height high and only watering your lawn twice a week are also some tips to keeping your lawn looking great.

If you are worried about the Ph of your lawn, most garden centers will test it for you and guide you on how much fertilizer you need.