HUNTINGTON - Tucked down a back alley on one of the oldest streets in Huntington you’ll find Finnegan’s Mural, a painted wall with a story to tell.

The Huntington House, now known as Finnegan’s Pub, was opened in 1912 by Andrew Finnegan, who came to Long Island from Ireland. According to Finnegan’s current manager, Tommy Forte, during Prohibition in the 20s, a lot of places closed, but Finnegan's was a speakeasy.

“They had a storefront with two doors. One for cigars, tobacco and cigarettes. The other door you needed a password. They’d come in and drink from tea cups,” says Forte.

In 1978, art major Phillip Jordan decided to honor not only the history of the bar, but those who frequented the watering hole, some famous and some infamous! Finnegan’s Mural represents a frozen moment in time with a cast of real characters --140 in all -- who each have their own story and serve as a history lesson on Finnegan's local lore.

In 2012, on the 100-year anniversary of the pub, Jordan came back to repaint the wall. He says in order to recapture the history, he used photographs taken years ago to bring it all back to life.