UNIONDALE - As part of our News 12 Long Island February Fun series, Erin Colton headed to the Nassau Coliseum to learn what it takes to become an Islander!

First up, Colton headed to the locker room, where the Islanders left out a special jersey with her name on it with the number 12. Next, she was on the Islanders bench where she talked with some of the Ice Girls. According to one Ice Girl, it takes a lot of personality and strong skating abilities to become an Ice Girl. And of course, you have to be an Islanders fan!

Colton also joined one of the zamboni drivers, for not only a ride on it, but also to learn to drive it. Sparky was on hand to take a spin and show Colton how to shoot the T-shirts high into the stands.

Lastly, Islander Colin McDonald talked about how playing for the team is a dream come true. And in a true test to see if Colton has what it takes to play the game, McDonald showed her how to shoot the puck!

The Islanders are set to play the Devils Saturday night at the Coliseum. And on Monday, it’s Mascot Day with a 1 p.m. game for the kids.

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