MASSAPEQUA - Summer is just a week away, but it’s never too late to get your body beach-ready. Some trainers at Lucille Roberts offer up some tips and simple exercises to help you get ready for the sand and sun!

Starting from head to toe, it’s important for a lot of people to keep their arms nice and toned to look great in tank tops and sundresses. Donna Brennan says a lateral raise with a rotation, a cobra push-up and a downward-facing dog shoulder press are great moves to get amazing arms.

Next up is your core and your abs. Trainer John Yohan Chung says doing basic moves, such as a leg raise or plank, with a twist help engage your core and flatten your stomach. Try the plank with a towel by drawing your legs in and then moving them out into a push-up for the maximum movement.

Last is your glutes! The key to working your glute is to engage your core as well to get a better workout. Shawn Thomas says variations of the squat are the best to work your buttocks.

To see more workouts and the moves broken down, click on the links on the left.

All of the exercises can be modified to your comfort level. Before starting any workout, please consult your physician. 

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