WOODBURY - Labor Day is a week away, and many students are getting ready to head back to school. 

Newsday's Valerie Kellogg shows News 12 Long Island how to do back-to-school gadgets in style.

Some of the high-tech options include laptops, tablets and printers, but something as simple as a locker lock is now also high-tech. The lock works with a combination of up, down, left and right directional movements. 

The Whoosh is a screen cleaner, that magically gets rid of any fingerprints on a smartphone or tablet. 

The OtterBox Agility Series is a system that helps protect tablets. 

Newsday also showed off the Pyle Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Board. The board even has a control to change colors!

With the Livescribe 3 Smartpen, users can write notes that are uploaded to smart devices.