Kids learn Circus Arts at the Future Stars Summer Camp in Old Westbury

Campers get to try all different types of circus activities at the Future Stars camp. (7/16/14)

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OLD WESTBURY - Imagine flying high on silks or walking on stilts? Well, now your kids can at the Future Stars Summer Camps program for Circus Arts in Old Westbury. News 12’s  Erin Colton headed to the College at Old Westbury to see what this camp is all about – and to try out some of the acts to see if she makes the cut!

The camp is run by Polly Solomon. She says the camp is geared toward boys and girls in third through 10th grade. During the program, campers not only learn circus acts, but they get to play games and enjoy activities such as swimming.

According to Solomon, the campers get to learn how to juggle, balance, tumble, fly high on silks or walk tall on stilts. From human pyramids and balancing plates to hula-hooping and flipping on the trapeze, the kids can master it all!

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Solomon is trained in aerial arts, and she is well versed in many circus skills. She has several years experience teaching circus skills to children.

The Circus Arts camp runs for two weeks in the summer. It is for all skill levels. At the end of the program, the children perform a circus show for their friends and family.

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