ROCKVILLE CENTRE - With summer just one day away, some may be scrambling to get a better beach body. Have no fear, trainers from Sky Athletic Club have offered up some tips and exercises to get you into shape.

When thinking about getting that beach body, it’s all about compound moves, says trainer Carolyn Mellace. For example, a tricep dip off a bench or chair with a leg lift works not only your arms and legs, but also your core. Or try doing a leg lift with a shoulder press. Make sure to add weights based on your skill level.

Mellace says some more compound moves include a deadlift with a bicep curl, and even just a basic push-up with a little leg left to incorporate your core muscles. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite – the burpee. Based on your skill level, a burpee can be as easy or difficult as you make it by including a push-up.

The key to doing compound moves is to work all types of muscle groups as once. Mixing lunges with shoulder raises or using a ball to balance while you do a chest press are great compound moves for any skill level.

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Before you start any workout, check with your physician.