HEMPSTEAD - If you want to take your camp experience to new heights, sign up for Adventure Camp, part of Hofstra University’s summer academics program.

According to director Alyssa Parker, communication is key at Adventure Camp. The goal of the program is to teach kids teamwork and problem-solving skills. In addition, coordinator Terry Ryan says the kids build up self-esteem by working together.

Conquering your fear is also part of Adventure Camp, says Parker. She adds that a lot of the challenges are created by the campers themselves.

Some of the activities include the vertical playpen, the 30-foot high catwalk, the 30-foot high pamper pole (which includes climbing, balancing and jumping!) and the camper favorite, slingshot.

Adventure Camp is a two-week program at Hofstra. There are three sessions during the summer. The last sessions starts July 29. The camp is offered to second-grade students all the way through ninth-grade. Hofstra University does offer other camp programs, but Ryan says Adventure Camp is the most popular.

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