WOODBURY - Summer time means it’s time to fire up the grill! News 12 has your tips for great and safe grilling.

Firing up the barbecue doesn’t have to be just for meat lovers. Jimmy Cavorti and Frank Greco, of George Martin Strip Steak Restaurant, suggest a cedar-planked salmon with grilled asparagus. They recommend spicing up lower fat foods to give them lots of flavor.

When it comes to burgers, Cavorti and Greco suggest using fresh ground beef and say you shouldn’t press the burger, which could squeeze out the juices and flavor. When cooking up steaks, you should buy a high-quality meat and sear it at a high heat to lock in the flavor. The chefs also recommend that you don’t flip a steak several times, just once and let it cook.

As far as sides, don’t forget you can use the grill for those too! Grill fries go great with the burgers, and fire-roasted mushrooms and grilled romaine are great sides for the steaks.