EAST HAMPTON - News 12 Long Island traffic and entertainment reporter Elisa DiStefano just got a little more famous! Not only will she be the face of a bobble head this summer for the Long Island Ducks, but she is gracing the cover of Milieu magazine this month.

The photo shoot for the cover and article took place in early April, when temperatures weren’t quite warmed up yet. However, like any professional model, DiStefano stuck it out to the very end, even when the photographer tried to get her to put her feet in the freezing cold waters at a Southampton beach!

The locations for the photos were all spots and hidden treasures around East Hampton and Southampton. The first location was at the Pollock-Krasner House and Studio in East Hampton. The curators allowed us inside to take photos in front of the famed studio floor that Pollock himself once worked on. What’s unique about this studio is visitors have to wear booties provided by the staff in order to walk on the floor, as it has never been refurbished.

Next stop was the Maidstone Inn. This restaurant and lounge is a perfect location for those looking to get away for a weekend but still stay close to home. The front dining room offered up a lot of light for the shoot, and the bikes outside allowed her to be playful with the camera. The third stop of the day was in front of a windmill in the fork of Main Street in East Hampton. Though the wind seemed to cause some issues, in the end the photographer used it to his advantage for the perfect pictures.

The last stop was perhaps the most daunting, as it was on a small beach in Southampton. Dressed in just a summer beach dress and flip flops, DiStefano thought warm thoughts for the perfect smile.

Milieu is a magazine that caters to the women of Long Island. The issue of Milieu featuring DiStefano is currently available online and on newsstands.

Click on the gallery above for behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot!