East Meadow mother gives birth on side of Northern State Parkway

An East Meadow mother gave birth to her baby Tuesday night on the side of the Northern State Parkway.
Jennie and Sergio Giusto headed to the hospital after Jennie started to feel contractions. But they say it became clear in the car that their baby was coming fast.
“My water broke first and after that…it happened so fast and I told him she's coming!” says Jennie Giusto.
The couple pulled over on the Northern State Parkway shortly before getting onto the LIE. By the time they stopped, Angelina Rose was already in her mother’s hands.
The couple conceived their baby through IVF after their first daughter was born with a rare genetic metabolic disorder called Pompe disease. They say they wanted to make sure Angelina wasn’t born with the disorder as well. 
The couple says Angelina Rose was born healthy weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and measuring a little more than 19 inches.
Jennie Giusto spent two days in the hospital before the new family of four got to come home together.