Doorbell-camera records dog attack in Smithtown

A doorbell-camera captured video of a dog attack on Grandview Lane in Smithtown Sunday. 
The video shows Barbara Curley’s black Labrador, Cassidy, getting attacked by what she says was a white pit bull.
Neighbor Joel Pipia says he heard Curley’s screams from down the road. He sprayed the pit bull with a hose to separate the dogs.
Cassidy has had one surgery so far. Curley says she’s thankful her neighbors came to the rescue.
Police say they got a call about another dog attack in the area on the same day.
Richard Daigle says he was walking his Shih Tzu, Zoe, when a white pit bull came running up.
He says a good Samaritan driving by stopped and got the pit bull off Zoe.
News 12 went to the pit bull owner’s home, but she declined to comment.

The town says this is the first time it’s received a complaint about this dog.

Officials say Animal Control is now looking into the matter.
Police say there are no criminal charges at this time.