Diesel fuel mix-up in Holbrook may have put cars in jeopardy

A diesel fuel mix-up at a Holbrook gas station has motorists worried about long-term effects to their cars. 
The problem arose at the Speedway gas station at 301 Union Ave. in Holbrook on Sept. 18.
According to a Facebook post on the Holbrook MTA Auto Service page, multiple vehicles are now in the shop after drivers unknowingly filling their tanks with diesel.
Mechanic Rich Sayres says he's had multiple cars limp in to his repair shop and had to drain gallons of diesel out of tanks. He says it could cost up to $600 dollars per car to clean the bad fuel out.
Mechanics say that even if all of the diesel is emptied out of the fuel lines, there could still be the potential for some damage to the car's catalytic converter. They say the damage may not show up initially.
Speedway sent a statement to News 12, saying the issue was caused by "a third-party transport delivery company" that "dropped diesel fuel into the regular unleaded tank and regular unleaded into the diesel tank." 
"Customers who purchased regular unleaded gasoline, midgrade gasoline or diesel fuel on September 18, who have been impacted, should contact Speedway's Customer Service department at 800-643-1948. Premium fuel purchases were not affected," the statement reads.
A Speedways spokesperson says they couldn't confirm if the company would cover future problems like catalytic converters, but re-emphasized that anyone who is having trouble should give them a call.