Demonstrators march in Baldwin against police brutality

Protesters took to the streets in Baldwin Saturday to rally against police brutality.

Community leaders and victims of police brutality say they came out to march and make their voices heard. They marched from the Baldwin train station to the police station in Baldwin.
Many were out because of a recent incident involving three teens in Roosevelt.
The parents say their two sons, David and Mondy Tillery, were profiled, falsely accused and physically and emotionally abused by Nassau police on Jan 21. Their attorney, Fred Brewington, says the boys and a friend were riding their bikes home when they were stopped by police, beaten and held at the station for four hours without being able to call their parents.
"Stop thinking every child is a gang member and stop thinking you can come into our communities and treat our children in ways that if we did, we'd be in jail immediately," said David Tillery, the father of the teens.
Police say the teens were arrested for assaulting a 32-year-old Hispanic man and charged with assault and resisting arrest.
People at the rally say that is not true and are now fighting for justice.
Nassau police say their investigation revealed that the officers exercised restraint and professionalism during the arrest. Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder does admit one mistake that was made -- not notifying the teens' parents as quickly as they should have.
"It's still unacceptable to the mother," said Ryder. "I'll take the blame for that. That's part of my policies and procedures and we're willing to fix it and make it better."