Data: LI residents getting fewer red-light camera tickets

Controversial red-light cameras seem to be changing some drivers' bad behavior.
Newly compiled data shows that residents across the Island are getting fewer red-light camera tickets.
Suffolk County experienced a 6 percent decline in revenue. Nassau basically held even, despite adding more cameras over the years.
To make up for the loss of revenue, Nassau County added a $55 "public safety fee" back in January that will push the cost of a violation to $150.
In Suffolk County, the Legislature is currently considering increasing fees for traffic violations other than red-light camera violations. A spokesman for County Executive Steve Bellone says the goal of the red-light camera program is safety not revenue. 
Traffic safety does seem to be improving. The data shows that overall, accidents are down at red-light camera intersections in both counties. The only exception is rear-end collisions. Suffolk saw an increase of 30 percent despite a 41 percent reduction in Nassau.