DA Sini: Man treated patients without license or training at Smithtown clinic

A Smithtown medical clinic was shuttered and its owner was arrested for allegedly treating patients without a medical license or any medical training.
A Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and DEA investigation targeted Men's Health of Smithtown and its owner, Brian Michael Kaufman.
Suffolk investigators say the 45-year-old from Smithtown had been illegally treating patients with testosterone without a medical license. District Attorney Tim Sini says Kaufman ordered controlled drugs by using the license of physician assistants working at the office without their consent or knowledge.
Investigators say the clinic also disposed of needles and blood in a regular dumpster at the office park and down the drain.
The clinic's website says it specializes in testosterone replacement and other men's health issues. Prosecutors say it was all a scam, and that Kaufman has been convicted twice in the past for felonies.
Sini is asking anyone who received treatment at the office to come forward and speak with investigators.
If found guilty, Kaufman faces three to seven years in jail for criminal possession and sale of a controlled substance, among other charges.
He was released Thursday with a GPS monitor, and has been ordered to remain in New York.