Cuomo touts plan for permanent property tax cap

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was on Long Island Sunday to discuss his plan for a permanent property tax cap.
Cuomo says the state budget will not pass without a permanent property tax cap, and says he wants to make the 2 percent property tax cap permanent.
In New Hyde Park Sunday, Cuomo acknowledged that Long Islanders are feeling the pinch.
"My income is not going up, my bank account is not going up, my house is not appreciating 6 or 7 percent every year, how can you keep raising the property taxes?" he said.

The governor says that the temporary tax cap has saved Long Islanders $8.7 billion, and saved homeowners throughout the state $25 billion since 2011. He says it has also encouraged government agencies to curb spending.

County officials like Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone backed him up, saying that reigning in property taxes will boost economic development.

"We are sending a message to every business and every homeowner that we are serious about protecting their pocketbook, protecting their property values and protecting their business,” said Bellone.

While some believe that the property tax cap is the relief that Long Islanders need, others are skeptical it will make a difference.
The deadline to complete the state budget is April 1

Cuomo said he vowed to hold up the plan if the tax cap isn't included.
Sunday's event marks the governor's third visit to the Island on the topic of property taxes in the past two weeks.