MASTIC - Town of Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine today made several recommendations to ensure future snowstorm cleanups go smoothly.

Romaine wants to increase the current $1 million state cap on how much the town can spend on new equipment, as well as decrease the amount of insurance that private plows must purchase. Romaine also recommends boosting the rates paid to heavy equipment contractors.

The proposals came on the heels of a snowstorm that brought up to 32 inches of snow to parts of Suffolk County. Streets in the Town of Brookhaven went unplowed for days as residents blamed Romaine and acting highway superintendent Michael Murphy, both of whom were out of town. Murphy has since resigned.

During a news conference today in Mastic, Romaine pointed out that he does not directly control the highway department. He said the recommendations are for the next highway superintendent and the town board.

Romaine also said he wants to issue an RFP to study the highway department and its equipment.

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