Angry residents block crews from removing Mineola trees

A number of residents in Mineola are outraged after the village started cutting down the trees in their neighborhood for a paving project.
Residents say they weren't notified by the village about the tree removal near Foch Boulevard.
“It makes me feel really sad because these trees have been here a long time,” says Annette Brady, of Glen Head. “I mean, these neighbors on the block can attest to the fact that they've planted some of these trees, and for them just to be killed for no reason at all, except that they were in somebody's way, is really sad.”
Village Mayor Scott Strauss says the work will make way for a road reconstruction project and that removing the trees is also a matter of safety.
“Our Village values trees and is not removing every tree on the street,” says Strauss. “We are only removing those trees that have completely outgrown and overgrown the 3-foot planting area between the road and the sidewalk. After roadwork is completed, any trees removed will be replaced with new, road-friendly trees."
Some residents, including Cathryn Mezzo, have blocked the trees with their cars to prevent crews from cutting them down. The village says anyone intentionally blocking tree removal crews will get in trouble, but the residents have said they’re willing to be ticketed.