36 Stony Brook University students stranded in China due to coronavirus

A coronavirus lockdown has left dozens of Stony Brook University students stranded in China.

University officials say 36 international students are among the many U.S.-bound travelers who are stuck in China since its government locked down several cities in an effort to control the virus.

"We have students from all across the world, so God forbid it does get on the campus - that's my biggest fear," says senior Myke Rook.

Rick Gatteau, the VP of student affairs and the dean of students at Stony Brook, says officials have been in constant communication with the students.

University health official Dr. Marisa Bisiani says she's been fielding a number of calls from concerned students and parents since the semester began on Monday.

"Students that have a fever we are screening, and we have a 24-hour hotline that we're able to call the Department of Health and actually go through what that criteria is and then we would go through testing," says Bisiani. "But so far we have not had to do any of that."

Everyone on campus is being advised to immediately seek medical attention if they do not feel well.

As for the students still in China, Gatteau says if they cannot return to classes by Feb. 10 they will be able to take a leave of absence for the semester with no financial consequences.